Mountiees are resin printed brackets that hold just the lip of the graded comic without hiding anything else from that beautiful case. The design also lets you slip your comic in and out at your leisure so your display can change as your mood does. Simply mount the bracket with the included screws and wall anchors and BOOM…its on the wall.

We want you to start displaying your “preciousnesses” as well, so head on over and grab your Mountiees today!


Made With UV Resin

Our Mountiees brackets are made with a high-quality UV resin. This allows us to make a lightweight sturdy bracket that can support the weight of any graded comic book.


Ingenious Design

Somethings don’t need to be complex. Our unique bracket is simple in design but is ready for the job. No need to worry about assembling any parts. Just mount and go!


Simple Installation

Mountiees install quickly allowing you to display your graded comic collection fast! Use the supplied hardware or use your own double-sided adhesive* to mount it directly on the wall.

* Not supplied by Mountiees. Use at your own risk


Switch Your Layout

Because of the unique design, our brackets have enough space to hold you graded comics comfortably while allowing you to switch your display as needed. Just slide your graded comic out and replace it with another one in no time!

Can’t find your instructions?

Mountiees are a custom 3D printed product.